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What Is The Ping Welsh Junior Tour?

The Ping Welsh Junior Tour is intended to give young golfers an opportunity to play in some competitive but fun competitions at an early stage in their golfing development. In 2018 there will be five regional events in Wales from which players can qualify for the Ping Welsh Junior Tour Final in the autumn.

There will be four separate categories; mixed events for players aged under 8, 10, 12 and 14.

The three younger age categories will be played over 9 holes with a shortened course suitable for these age groups. The format of the competitions for these players will be something call modified stableford which means that the fewer shots the players take to complete a hole the more points they earn. A hole in one will earn the player 10 points whilst a score of 10 or more on a hole will get the player 1 point. Everyone scores at least 1 point on every hole. The winner will be the player who gets the most points over the 9 holes.

The under 14 age group will be played over 18 holes using full handicap in a normal stableford format. The winner will be the player who scores the most points over the 18 holes.

The top three players in each category will receive a prize at each event. There will also be a prize for the highest placed girl player in each of the categories.

We will also be running skills challenges for all the players at Ping Welsh Junior Tour Events. These will cover a range of skills and apart from being great fun are a really good way for players to see how the different parts of their game are improving. For more information about the skills challenges please click on ‘skills challenges’.

Who Can Play?

The Junior Tour is open to any junior player within the age categories who was born in Wales (or who has a parent or grandparent that was born in Wales) or who lives in Wales or is a member of a golf club affiliated to Wales Golf. The one exception to this is that players who have a handicap of 9 or lower at the beginning of the year are not able to play in the Junior Tour; there are already many events for players of that high standard to compete in.

The U8, U10 and U12 categories are open to players with or without a handicap.

Players in the U14 category must have a Competition Handicap as defined by CONGU which means 28 or less for boys, 36 or less for girls or a disability golf handicap of up to 54.

What Are The Rules?

The U14 category will be played according to the rules of golf as usual. These competitions will count for handicap purposes.

The U8, U10 and U12 categories will also be played according to the rules of golf but with a few additional rules to help the players;

If a player has tried three times without success to get a ball out of a bunker the player may drop the ball outside the bunker (behind or to the side but not nearer the hole) without any penalty but the three shots will count to the player’s score.

If a player has taken ten shots on a hole they must pick their ball up and move to the next hole (they will still score a point in the scoring system).

The adult accompanying the player (see the next section) will be responsible for the player’s score card.

It is also worth noting that ‘air shots’ will as usual count to the player’s score.

The detailed rules for Ping Welsh Junior Tour events can be found on the ‘specific’ and ‘general’ conditions sections of the entry form.

Will the Modified Rules Of Golf Be Adopted For Disabled Players?

Yes disabled players may, if they wish, use the Modified Rules of Golf. Please let us know, in advance of the competition, the nature of the disability so that we can put the appropriate rules modifications in place for the event.

Parents And Guardians

As there will be a lot of very young players at these events it is a condition of entry that each player must be accompanied by a parent/guardian whilst they are at a Welsh Junior Tour event to be responsible for their well-being.

The role of the parent/guardian at the event will vary depending upon the category their player is playing in;

In the U14 categories parents/guardians are welcome to watch but must keep a reasonable distance away from play. They may ball spot or help in searching for a ball but other than that must not communicate with the player.

In the U10 and U12 categories each parent/guardian will be responsible for keeping score for a player in their group (score cards will be swapped at the start of the round so no adult has the card for their own player). They must not give players any advice.

In the U8 category as well as keeping score the parent/guardian may assist their player by pulling a trolley or carrying a bag and may give advice but must keep off the putting greens.

For more information about how you can help your children in their chosen sport please follow this link ‘supporting children in sport’.





Tour Event 1 Mold GC Thursday 5 April 2018
Tour Event 2 |Llantrisant & Pontyclun GC Saturday 21 April 2018
Tour Event 3 Lakeside (Garthmyl) GC Saturday 19 May 2018
Tour Event 4 Carmarthen GC Sunday 8 July 2018
Tour Event 5 Abergele GC Sunday 15 July 2018
Tour Final Wrexham GC Sunday 14 October 2018

To get more information about the 2018 events go to the Event Information page in the Ping Welsh Junior Tour section of the Wales Golf web-site (under the Championships heading on the home page)  or follow the link; Event Information.

What is the Order of Merit?

At each of the four regional events players will earn Order of Merit points.

In each category the winner will earn ten OOM points working down to players placed tenth or below who will each earn one point.

Where players take part in more than one regional event their points will be added together to create their Order of Merit total.

The Order of Merit will be used to decide which players are invited to play in the Welsh Junior Tour Final at the end of the season.

The highest ranked player in each Order of Merit category after the five regional events have been completed will receive a prize to be presented at the end of season Tour Final.

The Ping Welsh Junior Tour Final

The winners of each category at each regional event will automatically qualify for the end of season Tour Final.

In addition the highest ranked players in each Order of Merit category will also be invited to play in the Final until a total of 20 players (including the regional event winners above) have been asked to play in each category.

The Final itself will follow the same format as the regional events. The top 3 players in each category will receive a prize.  There will also be a prize for the highest placed girl player in each of the categories.

The Club represented by the largest number of players (junior members/ junior academy members or equivalent) who qualify for and take part in the Tour Final will also receive a prize.

How To Enter

Players can choose which events they wish to enter (players may enter as many as they like) by going to the entry forms and on-line entry page in the Ping Welsh Junior Tour section of the Wales Golf website (under the Championships heading on the home page) or by following this link; Event Information.

Entries can be made on-line or by printing out and posting or emailing the completed form to the Wales Golf offices.

The U8, U10 and U12 categories cost £5 per event to enter and the U14 category £10 per event.

More Information

For more information on any of the above please visit the Wales Golf web-site ( and from the Championships drop down on the home page select the page you need from the Ping Welsh Junior Tour menu.


If you have any questions please phone the championships team at Wales Golf on 01633 436040 or email and we will be pleased to help.