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Beginner Coaching Grants

New2Golf Back2Golf Beginner Coaching Grants

The Wales Golf New2Golf Back2Golf beginner scheme provides clubs with funding (up to £450) to run a membership recruitment drive and aims to recruit new members who are either new to golf or those who have played in the past and are looking to join a club. It supports individuals through coaching, playing opportunities and social events prior to recruiting them to full membership.

Marketing resources and promotion via the Golf Wales website is also provided. Downloads of the campaigns can be found on the ‘promoting your club section‘ of the website.

All participants become Wales Golf New2Golf members and receive a New2Golf member benefit pack, which includes  coaching vouchers, a welcome book plus more.

Research shows (based on average New2Golf scheme figures), that running an effective New2Golf scheme can generate the club around £10,000 over 2 years.

Focus groups have taken place with participants to learn from their New2Golf journey. A simple resource has been produced with hints and tips for clubs on how to run great New2Golf schemes. To view click here.

Please Note: 

  • All professionals must have a current DBS (within 3 years) and have attended a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop.
  • The club needs a current Safeguarding Policy (support can be provide by contacting Sian Simmons)
  • Club Professional to accept the New2Golf vouchers as part of registration

For an application form and criteria please contact Sian Simmons or 01633 436048.

Advice is available from your Golf Development Officer on completing the form and they can provide you with ideas and case studies of previous successful schemes.

Additional resources are available below to help you run a successful New2Golf Back2Golf beginner scheme at your club.

To view participating clubs please click here.