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Conditions, Policies & Forms


The following general conditions along with the Wales Golf hard card apply to all Wales Golf Championships. For the purpose of this document the term ‘championship’ includes any Wales Golf competitions, finals etc.


All Championships shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf, Local Rules and Conditions of Competition as shall be approved by the Championship Committee.

All players must be of Amateur Status as defined by the Rules of Amateur Status.

All entries must be completed and received by the Wales Golf championship department by midnight on the date entries close. They must be completed with payment either by a cheque made payable to the “Golf Union of Wales” or via the online entry method. Entries without payment will not be accepted. Entry forms must be completed in every detail before being processed.

a)      Entries may be made online at Payment will be taken when the online entry is submitted. Unsuccessful entrants will be refunded to the same card details after the closing date.

b)     A PDF entry form may be downloaded from the Wales Golf website and should be returned by Email to or by post.

c)        Entries by telephone are not accepted.

d)     No entry fee will be refunded unless a written notice of withdrawal either by letter or by Email is received by the closing date of entries. Except to any entrant who is balloted out and who subsequently does not compete.

e)       All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Championship Committee, which reserves the right to accept, or refuse, or having accepted, subsequently reject any entry without giving reason for its decision.

f)       Entries received after the closing date of the Championship will not be accepted.

a)      All players who hold a CONGU handicap and wish to enter any Wales Golf event must be in possession of a “Competition” CONGU handicap.

b)     When entering any Wales Golf event by any of the methods above, a player’s exact handicap must be recorded on the entry form. Any entry ballot will be based on the exact handicap recorded on the entry form. In Championships where on-line entries require only the player’s CDH number as part of the entry process, this will be used to generate a record of the player’s exact handicap at the point of on-line entry.

c)      Entrants holding both a Competition CONGU and overseas equivalent handicap must enter using their Competition CONGU handicap.

d)     Entrants must be able to provide proof of handicap at any Wales Golf championship when requested by the committee, failure to do so may result in disqualification.

a)      If a player withdraws from an event, whether before or after the closure of entries, their withdrawal is final and re-entry will not be allowed. The player will forfeit their entry fee if they withdraw after the closing date for entries.

b)     Any player who:

i.           withdraws from an event after the draw has been published, or

ii.          fails to register in accordance with 6 below, or

iii.         fails to appear on the tee at their appointed start time, or

iv.         having qualified to continue in an event, fails to do so*

must, without delay, furnish the Championship Committee with a satisfactory explanation, confirmed in writing. If they do not do so, they may be barred from entering or playing in a Wales Golf Championship for such period as the Championship Committee may decide.

* Qualifying for final rounds of a Stroke Play Championship: determining the cut mark. If a Competitor, who has posted a two round total score that will qualify for the third round, withdraws before the third round draw is made, that competitor’s score will still be used to calculate the leading number of places and ties which determine the cut mark.

Players must register in person at the Championship Office at the venue or by telephone (07921 300611) by 16.00hrs on the day before the event starts (in advance of each event players will be notified of the time registration opens). Failure to register by this time may result in the player forfeiting their place, which will be offered to a reserve.  The player concerned will also forfeit their entry fee

a)    In Individual Stroke Play Championships, a reserve list will be maintained and managed by the Championship Department. Should a place or places in the draw become available, reserves will be invited to play in the order they are listed on the reserve list.

b)     In order to ensure a full field for a Championship and at the sole discretion of the Championship Department, a reserve or reserves may be offered a place depending on whether they can be contacted, i.e. irrespective of their place on the reserve list.

c)      At appropriate Stroke Play Championships, in the event of a late withdrawal of a player in the draw, a reserve who has entered the event in accordance with Condition 3 above and is present at the venue on the first day of the Championship may be offered the vacated start place. Should there be more than one   reserve in attendance, such reserves will be invited to play in the order they are listed on the reserve list.

d)     At the discretion of registration officials at the venue, and depending on a practice round space being available, a reserve who is present at the venue may play a practice round. They may also use practice facilities at the venue.

If, in the opinion of the Championship Committee, it becomes impossible to complete a Championship in accordance with that Championship’s Conditions because of adverse weather or other circumstances, the Championship Committee may vary the Conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.

The modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities, as published by the R&A, will be adopted in the following events for any disabled player that wishes to make use of the adapted rules:

a)     All Wales Golf managed individual national championships

b)     The Wales Golf events collectively known as the Ladies Cups and the Ladies Handicap Team event.

c)     The national finals, and regional finals where relevant, of all other Wales Golf managed championships.

d)     The adapted rules may be used in club qualifying events for these championships (with the exception of the preliminary rounds for the Welsh Men’s & Ladies Team Championships, Victory Shield & Ping Mixed events) solely at the discretion of the host club, or organising body if different to the host club.

e)     Any player who wishes to make use of the adapted rules must inform the Wales Golf Championship Manager prior to the closing date of the relevant championship of their intention to use the modified rules.

a)      All trophies won by an individual player will be held by Wales Golf and displayed at the Wales Golf headquarters.

b)     A winning County or Club will be responsible for a trophy from the time it is presented until it is relinquished and shall ensure it is returned to Wales Golf before the next year’s Championship.

The following policies and procedures apply to Wales Golf championships & available online:

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