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Legislation and Template Policies

Legislation and Template Policies

On 8th April 2010 the Equality Bill received Royal Assent and became the Equality Act 2010.  The Act is likely to have an impact on all golf clubs and it is essential therefore that golf clubs understand its implications.  With this in mind the Wales Golf  (WG) and the Golf Club Managers’ Association (GCMA) held 2 seminars in Wales during July.  

A copy of the handout circulated on the days of the seminar can be viewed in the Download Files section.

In November 2010 the WG received communication from the government’s Equality Act Implementation Team on how it will effect sports clubs?  This document can be viewed in the Dowload Files section.

Equality Act 2010: How does it affect sports clubs?

The Government Equalities Office has prepared the attached guidance  However, the provisions in the Act which apply to associations do not apply to all sports clubs and the definitions regarding who these particular provisions apply to are set out below:

These provisions of the Act affects associations which:
* have 25 or more members,and
* control access to membership by rules involving a selection process.

For example, clubs which require applicants for membership to make a personal application, be sponsored by other members and/ or go through some kind of selection process will be affected by the changes.

The guidance together with additional guidance that may affect your member organisations can be viewed in the Download File section