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Modernisation of the Rules of Golf



The R&A and the USGA have unveiled the new Rules of Golf, to be implemented on 1 January 2019.

The R&A and the USGA finalised golf’s new Rules this month after an extensive review that included a request for feedback from the global golf community on the proposed changes. Golfers can now access the official 2019 Rules of Golf by visiting

The process to modernise the Rules began in 2012 and was initiated to ensure that the Rules are easier to understand and apply for all golfers and to make the game more attractive and accessible for newcomers.

Full details of the new Rules of Golf can be found on the R&A website via this link:

Rules Modernisation

Reference Materials

Three important publications covering the 2019 rules, to be available in September, will help players as well as officials and provide interpretation and guidance in how the Rules are applied:

  • The Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf:An abridged, user-friendly set of the Rules with shorter sentences, commonly used phrases, and diagrams. Written in the “second person,” The Player’s Edition is intended to be the primary publication for golfers.
  • The Rules of Golf:The full edition of the Rules will be written in the third person and include illustrations. It is intended to be a more thorough version of the revised Rules.
  • The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf:This “guidebook” replaces the Decisions book and will contain information to best support committees and officials. It includes interpretations on the Rules, committee procedures (available local rules and information on establishing the terms of the competition), and the Modified Rules of Golf for Players with Disabilities. It is a comprehensive resource document intended as a supplementary publication.

Workshop Dates & Locations

Date Venue Booking Link
Tuesday 23 October: Cradoc Golf Club Book NOW
Wednesday 24 October: Wrexham Golf Club Book NOW
Friday 26 October: Porthmadog Golf Club Book NOW
Tuesday 6 November: Tenby Golf Club Book NOW
Wednesday 7 November: The Grove Golf Club Book NOW
Thursday 8 November: Whitchurch Golf Club Book NOW
Friday 9 November: Newport Golf Club Book NOW


The Roadshows will provide a guide to the most significant of the changes to the rules of golf that come into effect on 1 January 2019. Please click here to view the roadshow agenda (times may vary depending on venue)

This event is open to club officials, or someone nominated by the club to attend these events on their behalf, and will be of particular interest to:

  • Club Secretaries/Managers.
  • Club Professionals.
  • Club Competition and Handicap Secretaries.

Is your club ready for the forthcoming changes:

  • How will you inform your members?
  • Penalty areas; how will you mark them?
  • Local rules on cards; have they been updated?
  • Code of conduct; will you put one in place?
  • Ready Golf; will you encourage this

Rules Schools

Wales Golf, alongside the R&A, will be conducting two Level 2 Rules Schools in January 2019.

Date Venue Booking Link
Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th January Bangor St. Deiniol Golf Club Coming soon
Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th January Celtic Manor Resort Coming soon


Questions relating to the new rules can be emailed to Wales Golf at