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2024 Rules of Handicapping Revisions

When the World Handicap SystemTM (WHSTM) was introduced by The R&A and USGA in 2020, the World Handicap Authority (WHA) was formed to oversee the system. This body has closely monitored its implementation and, as part of this process, Wales Golf, like every other national association, has provided feedback to the Authority on an ongoing basis, arising from the experience club committees and golfers.  

Ahead of the 2024 season and on the back of feedback received, the WHA is now bringing forward a number of changes which are to be implemented in Wales along with the other Home Nations on 1 April 2024. The main changes being brought forward are summarised in the ‘2024 Rules Of Handicapping Key Changes‘ document which can be found in the downloads below . These have been brought in by The R&A and USGA with the intention of enhancing the accuracy, fairness, and overall experience of the handicap system.   

Full details of the revisions will be communicated to you as we move towards implementation in GB&I.  We understand that these changes will seem complex, but we will provide extensive further detailed information and educational materials to help you communicate these changes to your members alongside education that is being rolled out by the R&A.  

In the downloads below you can find more information on the changes as well as resources that will come into affect when we implement the new rules.

Click the links below to read up on some of the key changes coming in April this year:

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