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Everyone's Game, Anywhere.


Everyone’s Game. Anywhere.

Purpose Statement

To create and support an environment in Wales where golf is safe and accessible for everyone to participate, enjoy and progress.


  • Real:  We are approachable, supportive and operate with transparency and integrity
  • Innovative:  We are ambitious and open minded in finding new ways of achieving our goals
  • People Centred:  We place people at the heart of all that we do. We are fair, honest and inclusive; connecting with all corners of our community
  • Excellence:  We always strive to be the best we can be. We add value by giving a great service.

Copies of the Strategic Plan can be downloaded below.

Below is a downloadable info-graphic of the services Wales Golf offer to its member clubs and their members and our Club Services Affiliation Pack which gives much greater detail of all our services and is available for clubs to download and share.

There are currently no vacancies within Wales Golf

Position Board Member Email Address
Chairman Ashton Bradbury Contact Via Email 
Treasurer Andrew Emery
Chief Executive Richard Dixon
Kelly Gaffney
Declan Goodwin
Clare Lane
Andrew Minty
Ben Wigley

December 2020

Golf Union of Wales Ltd hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting will take place via Zoom Video Conferencing on 17th December 2020 1830hrs. The following documentation can be downloaded here.

    • 2020 AGM 1st Letter 17th December
    • 2020 AGM 2nd Letter 1st December
    • 2020 AGM Formal Notice
    • Proxy Voting Form
    • 2020 Agenda
    • 2020 Agenda “Special Business B Changes to Article 15
    • 2019 AGM Minutes
    • 2020 Annual Accounts
    • 2020 Report of the Directors and Financial Statements


Richard Dixon Chief Executive

Name Position Email Address
Richard Dixon Chief Executive
Gillian O’Leary Director of performance
David Wilson Championship Manager
Sandy Veale Handicapping and Club Services Manager
Sophie Madsen Communications & Events Co-ordinator
Linda Stokoe Administration Officer (Finance) 
Laurie Carvell Performance Co-ordinator
Daniel Fullager Assistant Events Co-ordinator 
Name Position Email Address
Hannah McAllister Director of Golf Development
Dilwyn Griffiths Regional Club Development Officer (North) 
Zoe Thacker Regional Club Development Officer (South)
Theo Baker Regional Club Development Officer (West & Mid Wales) 
Sian Simmons Administration Officer (Part-Time) & Lead Safeguarding Officer 
Kim Ellis Community Golf Development Co-ordinator (North)  
Simon Lu Women & Girls Co-ordinator
Alan Davies Chairman Contact via email
David Wilson Championship Manager Contact via email
Sophie Madsen Communications & Events Co-ordinator Contact via email
Daniel Fullager Assistant Events Co-ordinator Contact via email 
Robert Martin Chairman Contact via email
Sandy Veale Handicapping and Club Services Manager Contact via email
Linda Stokoe Administrator Contact via email
Sandy Veale Handicapping and Club Services Manager Contact via email
Gillian O’Leary Director of Performance contact via email
Laurie Carvell Performance Co-ordinator contact via email


Performance Advisory Group
Carl Rowe Chairman of Performance
Gillian O’Leary Director of Performance
Andrew Minty Board member
Owen Lewis Sport Wales
Chris King Male Volunteer
Chris Rossiter Female Volunteer
Theo Baker Development staff member


Performance Team information click here

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