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The Welsh Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) has been active since 2010.

Aimed at providing a wide and vitally important range of benefits to golf club members, affiliated golf clubs, handicapping administrators and the governing bodies, the CDH project is delivered as a service to affiliated clubs.

The CDH will deliver the following benefits to clubs and individual golfers:

Benefits to Golf Clubs

  • Your club will receive automatic returns of your members Away Scores, which can be selected and updated with a simple click onto your local club handicap records;
  • This functionality should substantially reduce the time required by Committees to administer Away Scores and the updating of your members handicaps;
  • Automatic return of Away Scores via the CDH will now also include the correct CSS and Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustments for every Away Score received by a Home Club;
  • Competition administrators will be able to access and authenticate individual golfers handicaps via the GUW website for tournament entry purposes;
  • Committees will no longer need to manually return Away Scores to the Home Clubs of visiting competitors as this will be automated when closing down your competitions.

Benefits to Individual Golfers

  • Golfers will have access to view their Exact and Playing Handicaps on-line via the Wales Golf website and confirm when their Handicap was last updated on the CDH;
  • Golfers will also have access to their Playing Handicap Record with all competition results recorded allowing individuals to fulfil their individual handicapping responsibilities under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System;
  • Your members will also be able to opt in to receive GUW e-communications featuring special offers, preferential green fees and other additional golf club member benefits.

Please find below a selection of useful CDH guides