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Welsh Government Update  – 14th August 

The Welsh Government has provided an update allowing more families to meet up. If conditions remain favourable, from the 22nd of August;

  • Up to four households will be able to join together to form a single extended household.
  • A meal following a wedding, civil partnership or funeral will be allowed for up to 30 people indoors if social distancing can be maintained.

This will allow golf clubs to host the listed events, providing social distancing and current Welsh Government regulations can be maintained.

Unfortunately, the Welsh Government will not be making any changes to the rules on people meeting indoors with people who aren’t part of their household or extended household.

The Welsh Government recently strengthened the powers local authorities have to enforce the regulations.  This enables enforcement officers to issue a Premises Improvement Notice to highlight breaches and specify measures that need be taken on premises to comply with the law.

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