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Club governance resources

How to structure and run your club effectively

Wales Golf have created a number of useful videos in partnership with Amanda Bennett of Fair Play Enterprises. These include:

Building your governance structure

Committee – Understanding there role

Developing a long term strategy

Developing Vision and mission

Support and resources available

1. Building your governance structure

2. Committee – Understanding their role

3. Developing a long term strategy

4. Developing a vision and mission

5. Support and resources available

We want all clubs in Wales to have strong governance and understand how to structure and govern themselves effectively to deliver the needs of their club.

This guide along with the support of Wales golf Regional Development Officers can provide the necessary advice on governance to enable them to reach their potential.

Wales Golf has come together with England Golf, Scottish Golf, GCMA, PGA and NGCAA to provide a consistent message around good governance. This guide provides advice around areas such as structure and planning along with supporting documentation such as template Terms of Reference, role descriptors and case studies.

Download your copy of the ‘Governance guide for golf clubs below’ or contact us for more information.

  • Governance Guide for Golf Clubs