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CONGU® is an acronym of The Council of National Golf Unions Limited, which is a company incorporated in England that is limited by Guarantee.

The objectives of the Company are to administer, monitor and make any changes or additions considered necessary to the CONGU® Unified Handicapping System and to undertake such further duties as shall be allotted to it from time to time by the Golfing Unions and Golfing Associations.

The Board of Directors, who are the Guarantors, comprises of two representatives, (one male and one female), from each of the Unions representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, together with two representatives from the R&A. In addition to this there is an appointed Chairman and a Secretary.

Whilst the Board has overall responsibility for the Handicap system, much of the detailed work is carried out by various Committees such as the Technical Committee, Handicap Research Committee, Course Rating Committee and ISV Communication and Compliance Committee.

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