22 August 2022
Entry fee: £5 – U8, U10 & U12     £10 – U14 
  • Entries Close: Monday 8th August, 23:59




The Junior Tour shall consist of six individual events from which players may qualify for the Tour Final (see Junior Tour Final specific conditions for details of how places in the Tour Final will be awarded).

Each event shall have the following age categories, mixed U8, U10, U12 and U14

The format of the mixed U14 category will be 18 holes of stableford.  The format of the U8, U10 and U12 categories will be 9 holes of *modified stableford.

At each Junior Tour event the winner in each category will be the player who scores the highest number of stableford points (U14 category) or modified stableford points (U8, U10 and U12 categories).

Ties for places in the top 10 in each category and the leading female player in each category will be decided on the last 9 holes (or the last 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) as required). If a tie still exists, a hole-by-hole card play-off starting from hole 1 will be used.

A maximum of 120 competitors shall play in each event.  Each age group category shall be limited to 30 players, however if some categories are under-subscribed whilst others are over-subscribed the number of players in each of the over-subscribed categories may be increased (by adding players one at a time to each category in turn starting with the most over-subscribed category) subject to the the overall maximum of 120 players not being exceeded.

*Modified stableford a player will receive 10 points for completing a hole in 1 stroke.  The points awarded will decrease sequentially with 1 point awarded for completing a hole in 10 strokes or more.