19 June 2021
Entry fee: No Entry Fee for all competitors

The South Wales Golf Sixes Cup will be open to any club in the South Wales Leagues who has competed in the Golf Sixes league for 2021 with Wales Golf. This event is taking place at the South Wales Golf Festival at Parc Golf Club, taking place on the afternoon of Saturday 19th June 2021.

Each club will be able to enter a team of 6 competitors of mixed aged and gender, featuring juniors and adults to the Golf Sixes Cup. Each team will play as 3 pairs in a Texas Scramble Format over 6 Holes with Modified Stableford scoring (10 or more shots is 1 point, 1 shot is 10 points etc.), the total points of each pair will be combined and the team with the overall most points will be the champion.

All players must either be beginners with no handicap or a handicap index of 36.0 or above to compete.
This event is free of charge to all teams.


Entries close: 1st June