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For new golfers to be drawn to the sport through indoor mini golf may sound a ‘crazy’ idea, but thanks to a new initiative it is now happening in Wales.

A brand new partnership with Treetop Adventure golf those taking part in the New2Golf scheme, run by Golf Development Wales’, to swing by for a complimentary round of indoor mini golf on one of the jungle themed courses.

New2Golf packs are available for people taking part in the beginner schemes set to run at golf clubs around Wales.

Around 2,000 people participate each year and through April and May clubs will be running New2Golf/Back2Golf beginner schemes so anyone who would like to try the sport or take up the sport again will be able to attend a free taster session and low cost beginner sessions.

All participants receive a New2Golf pack with benefits which include a complimentary round of mini golf at Treetop Adventure Golf, 50% off an individual or playing lesson, six golf lessons for the price of five, free friend of family lesson voucher, exclusive discounts, rules and etiquette books and a place in a prize draw.

Golf Union of Wales development director Hannah McAllister said, “We are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with our friends at Treetop Adventure Golf.

“Most people’s first experience of the sport is at a shorter version of the game with their family and friends, and many existing golfers also visit to experience something different. This is a way of building on a fun golf experience.

“A study by Sports Marketing Surveys for the European Tour showed 5% of adults, about 2 million people, and 9% of under 18s, about 700,000 young people, had played adventure golf at least twice during the previous year.

“Adults had played on average 2-3 times and under 18s four times during the year. Adventure golf was the most likely form of golf for those under 18 to have engaged in.

“The shorter game has many positive characteristics, spending time with friends and family and improving skills while having fun.

“This exciting new partnership will ensure people who visit the facility wanting to take up the sport will know how to and those who are part of New2Golf will have the added benefit of being able to visit the facility and have great fun with their family and friends.”

Elizabeth Stanway, co-founder Treetop Adventure Golf, added, “Mini golf is great fun for everyone and we hope this partnership will encourage our visitors to explore golf in a wider sense.

“Treetop Adventure Golf is somewhere for people of all ages to have mini golf adventures together.

“We encourage friendly competition and promote skill development and we really look forward to welcoming New2Golf members and their families to our rainforest!”

For information about the New2Golf scheme please contact Golf Development Wales.

For information about Treetop Adventure Golf please visit or email