This is a new, focused initiative that aims to take the development of girls’ golf to another level. 6 pilot girls’ golf development hubs have been selected. The scheme aims to support the selected clubs to develop a 3 year programme and create an environment where girls are able to thrive, flourish and develop in golf.

Our development team provide focused support in attracting and retaining larger numbers of girls to the club, which in turn should aid further recruitment and retention. Non golfing activities will also be used to engage and retain more girls such as beauty and fashion. The campaign posters focus on the social side using the words and hash tag – Fun, Friendships and Laughter…#sheplays2

The clubs have the following targets over 3 years:

  • To recruit 30 – 60 girls to participate in regular coaching and social activities

50% to convert to club membership with a number achieving  a club handicap


A programme of support which may include:

  • PGA Level 1 Course fee for a female ambassador at the club (or in local area who will be part of the scheme) and/or street golf or junior leaders workshops
  • Specific Marketing Resources – Girls Hub Banner and electronic Logo
  • School and Community taster sessions
  • New2Golf funding – Additional funding provided if targets are met and is subject to application forms being completed
  • Social media campaign led by WalesGolf
  • Free use of WalesGolf equipment, mascots, nets
  • Social media training and support
  • Invite to the WalesGolf Girls Clinic