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GolfSixes League 2020

GolfSixes League 2020 – Expression of Interest 

GolfSixes League is a Golf Foundation initiative run in partnership with Wales Golf to provide junior beginner golfers who have no handicap or 37 and above, the opportunity to represent their club in team based playing format that is fast and fun.

This is an inter-club competition where local clubs work collaboratively to provide a positive playing experience through simple points scoring that will retain the children’s interest in the sport.

How does it work?

Teams take part in a standardised format which can be easily organised and administered by the PGA professional or club volunteer. The competition would consist of:

  • Minimum 4 teams per league, up to a maximum of 6
  • 8 fixtures per league
  • 6 short holes adapted depending on facility and number of teams
  • Shotgun start where possible (peripheral activities if tee time start)
  • Up to a squad of 12 where you may rotate players (ideally a minimum 4 girls per squad)
  • Teams of 6 playing each match Pairs Texas Scramble using a point scoring system based on number of strokes taken e.g. 1 stroke = 10 points, 10 strokes = 1 point
  • Clubs in the league share hosting the fixtures

Are there any costs involved?

There are no costs to the club for joining a GolfSixes League. We would recommend that there is a £30 contribution from each participant which can go towards their ‘Player Packs’ (goody bag, team polo shirts, balls, tees, bag tag, water bottle) and any other expenses such as additional prizes, coaching, or catering when hosting a fixture.

What are the benefits of taking part?









  • Have a squad of between 8 and 12 players who would benefit and be retained in golf as a result of participating in GolfSixes League
  • Have a squad of between 8 and 12 players who will have no handicap or 37 and above at the beginning of the league
  • Identify a GolfSixes League Club Team Manager? (PGA Coach or Club Volunteer)
  • GolfSixes League Team Manager to work collaboratively with local clubs
  • *Golf Club has a Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy reviewed in the last 3 years in line with latest Wales Golf template
  • *GolfSixes League Team Manager has completed a DBS and a UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop, both within 3 years (SafeGolf accredited PGA Coach)
  • *Golf Club has a designated Club Welfare Officer (CWO) and completed a UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop within 3 years

*Safeguarding requirements – please speak to your Wales Golf Development Officer if you’re working towards these or need some advice.

Next Steps

To register your clubs interest for taking part in a local GolfSixes League please fill out the expression of interest and enter your clubs details before the closing date of Friday 20th December 2019

Following the closing date Wales Golf will contact all successful clubs inviting you to attend a local GolfSixes league meeting early 2020 where further details and support will be provided.

    GolfSixes League – Expression of Interest Online Form - Wales

    Golf Club details

    Has your club previously taken part in GolfSixes League? *


    If yes, which year?

    Club Checklist

    Do you have a squad of 8 to 12 payers? * Ideally including a minimum of 4 girls


    Do all the squad players have no handicap or a handicap of 37 or above? *


    Have you identified a Team Manager? * Can be PGA Coach or Club Volunteer



    Does your golf club have a Safeguarding & Protecting Children policy in place? * Policy should have been reviewed within the last 3 years


    Has the Team Manager completed a DBS*? * *SafeGolf accredited if PGA Coach


    Has the Team Manager attended a UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop*? * *within the last 3 years


    Does the golf club have a Club Welfare Officer who has completed a UK Coaching Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop*? * *within the last 3 years


    I can provide the Wales Golf with evidence of ALL the criteria above *


    Why do you want to be part of GolfSixes League in 2020? (200 words max)