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There are currently 22 inclusive golf hubs across Wales and Golf Development Wales have worked to train 45 inclusive PGA professionals. Clubs and facilities are able to gain funding to run golf programmes for beginner or new golfers with a disability. Projects may be inclusive where existing sessions are adapted to suit the needs of participants, pan disability projects (sessions for individuals with different types of disabilities) or impairment specific programmes.

GDW also has 2 PGA ambassadors who are experienced at running these programmes to support other clubs and professionals in running programmes where required.

PGA professionals running the schemes need to attend the PGA Inclusive Workshop Level 1 and commit to attending the level 2 courses to be held in Machynys on the 26th October and Conwy GC on the 2nd November 2016. Registration for this course is now open and be accessed by clicking HERE. For further information on accessing 2016 funding or if your club is interested in becoming an Inclusive Golf Coaching hub please contact