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How to start playing

How to Start

Golf is a great game for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It’s a game for life – and it’s never been easier to get started.

There’s a warm welcome waiting for beginners and returners at golf clubs and driving ranges nationwide.

Golf takes you into the great outdoors and is often played in stunning surroundings. Whether you spend 30 minutes at the driving range, play a few holes or a full round, you can enjoy fresh air and the health benefits of regular exercise.

Golf is a game for all.  Many golfers start as youngsters but others turn to the game when giving up such sports as football, hockey or squash. Others pick up their clubs in retirement – and it’s never too late to start.

Get Started Today
The best way to start is to visit the beginner scheme map in the find a beginner session section to find a club running beginner sessions and schemes, or join the Golf Development Wales New2Golf membership today and use the vouchers at participating New2Golf Clubs. It is a great way to have a free or low cost introduction to the game.

Our schemes are open to all. If you have a disability and would prefer to locate your nearest trained inclusive coach select the disability option on the beginner scheme map.

    Funding Application for 2017 Golf Development Wales

    Please select the scheme you wish to apply for:

    New2Golf Beginner SchemeNew2Golf Girls Scheme

    Section 1 - About Your Organisation

    Club Organisers Details (must be different to Club Professional):

    Golf Professional Details

    Club Details

    Section 2 - Child Welfare

    Please send a copy of your Safeguarding Workshop certificate (within 3 years)

    Does your club have a Child Protection Policy?


    Please state your clubs’ Child Welfare Officer contact details below:

    (for assistance with DBS checks or information on Safeguarding Workshops, please contact

    Section 3 - Scheme Details

    Cost of lessons (All rates are inclusive of VAT)

    Dates of lessons (days and commencing week)

    Section 4 - Additional Event Details

    Will your club be running a family event in the run up to your Beginner golf scheme? E.g. Easter Egg Hunt or an alternative fun event (All clubs doing this will benefit from further national promotion).


    Section 5 - Targets

    Current Membership Figures



    Targets During Scheme

    The targets below are GDW's expectations based on national averages.

    No. in GDW funded lessons: min 8/group
    No. in continuation coaching: 75% of number in funded lessons
    No. of trial/flexible members: 70% conversion from continuation coaching
    No. of new full members: 50% conversion from trial/flexible members

    Section 6 - Things to Think About

    Meet and greet

    Location of lessons

    Continuation Lessons

    Trial / flexible / academy membership

    Buddy schemes

    Introduction to the Course

    Playing Opportunities

    Social Events

    Section 7 - Accreditation - Junior GolfCert

    Date Achieved?

    Is the club working towards Junior GolfCert?


    Section 8 - Signatures

    Organisation (Club/School or Proprietor of Club)

    I am aware that this is an application for funding for the lessons above. Following authorisation from GDW, on completion of the lessons and submission of a claims form, payment will be made to club/facility for the authorised amount. It is the clubs responsibility to make the payment in full to the professional for the authorised amount.



    I am aware that payment will be made to the organisation above and it is their responsibility to make payment for authorised amount in full.

    Professional/ Club agrees to provide a free family golf lesson as a prize as part of the national Radnor Fizz get active campaign if required


    Professional/Club agrees to accept New2Golf vouchers (discounted lesson vouchers)


    Professional/Club to be listed as New2Golf Club and benefit from year long promotion


    If running a scheme in April do you want to benefit from promotion during New2Golf/Back2Golf Month club details will be uploaded onto GDW Website?


    All of the form must be completed (including signatures) and returned to GDW for scheme to be authorised.
    Payment can only be made if a 2017 GDW claim form and New2Golf Membership forms are submitted on completion of the lessons.