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Junior Golf Guide

A comprehensive resource to running a successful junior section

Junior Golf Guide

The Junior Golf Guide resource aims to help golf clubs on how best to encourage junior golf now and in the future. There are many volunteers who take on the role of junior organiser within their club and this resource will assist them in their role and help them to provide the guidance that juniors require to reach their potential and continue within the game.

The Junior Golf Guide resource:

-Acts as a complete reference guide for golf club junior organisers.
-Supports and assists those working with juniors within the club environment.
-Creates healthy and sustainable junior structures.
-Invests in the future of golf clubs and the game as a whole.
-Encourages and supports family use of golf clubs.

The resources are made up of nine sections, providing information on all of the above, along with case studies, recommendations and links to supporting resources. Please note, this resource is a working document and will change to reflect the evolution of the game and the needs of junior golf.

The resource can be downloaded in Sections from here, or can be purchased from Wales Golf  by emailing or calling the office on 01633 436040 for £10.00.

* We would like to acknowledge England Golf for granting the permission to reproduce the Welsh version of this Junior Organiser’s resource.

To visit the Junior GolfCert website click here