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As The Masters begins across the pond, a little closer to home Langland Bay Golf Club have set the bar in the Golf Union of Wales New2Golf campaign with 40 novice golfers attending free taster sessions at the scenic club.

The clubs proactive and modern approach to recruitment saw them place an advertisement on social media offering women of all ages to sign up to six introductory lessons. 28 of the 40 participants approached the club through the advertisements on social media.

Director of Golf at Langland Bay, Andrew Minty can see a real shift in golfing stereotypes, “social media is extremely far reaching but I think some people may have thought those interested in golf may not look to that platform for information but we took a chance and it has paid off hugely.

“It was a bit of an experiment to be honest but we wanted to reach a wider audience and expose those who may not have looked at golf as an activity in the past to these New2Golf sessions.

“We have 40 enthusiastic women who have signed up to give golf a go, in an environment that is welcoming and relaxed”.

Langland have had success with the New2Golf back2Golf campaigns previously with 30 of their 156 female members signing up from the campaign in 2015.

“We ran something similar about five years ago and it’s just grown from there” said Minty.

“With the support of the Golf Union and the New2Golf campaign, we have seen a steady increase in our female memberships. Last year we had women joining from the scheme and consequently their husbands have since joined.

Golf is such a sociable activity that provides something for everyone whatever your age.

New golfers Helen Jones and Ashley Davies, both in their early twenties are excited about getting to grips with the game,”My friend is a member and said I should come and give it a go, so I signed up” said Helen Jones

“Golf is pretty cool now and it’s nice to get outside and learn something I can play forever.”

Golf professionals Mark Evans and Gavin Godbeer will be taking the group of women through the basics of golf throughout a six week period. equipping them with the skills and confidence to get out on the course and play and enjoy the game, hopefully creating a lifelong golfer.

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