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Golfing Sisters Rachel and Georgia Lewis learned how to control competition pressure to relax and enjoy their sport. Here they tell us how golf now de-stresses them …

The Lewis sisters have been playing golf since the age of 10 as both past and present County and Welsh International players.

“Golf used to cause us stress as most of our focus was based on our outcomes. We wanted to make teams, do well at tournaments, drop handicaps, make the cut.” Georgia explains.

A switch happened for the siblings when they realised that golf also helped them relax.

She adds: “It is time where we can be away from the madness of a typical day whether that may be teaching, working, or school.”

“Instead, we think of it as an opportunity where we can enjoy the views, the exercise, and spend the day out with friends and family. A bit of ‘me time.’”

They share their passion for golf by coaching others, something they both get a lot of joy from.

Taking the negatives away from golf has been a big breakthrough for the duo. Georgia tells us: “It took us both a long time to realise that trying too hard would make us feel under pressure, which eventually would lead to stress on the course. This simple mistake would in effect ruin our games and therefore, our experience.”

The pair have been lucky enough to travel the world with golf, with Rachel spending four years in the USA and Georgia travelling to countries like Peru and Denmark. Georgia adds: “Over time we’ve realised that we really are living the dream! We stopped panicking about results and started to enjoy the experience of a competitive environment. What would be the point of playing otherwise?”

Rachel shares her top tip with us and how she practices mindfulness while playing the game – “If I had a bad shot, I’d look for the tallest tree around me. It took me out of that negative frame of mind and helped me realise that I’m healthy and lucky to be here playing a variety of quality golf courses alongside great company.”

The pair are trying to change the stereotypes of golf: “So many people believe golf to be just ‘an old peoples sport’” explains Georgia.

“But coaching golf is so rewarding to see children as young as 3 bond and make friends in class, and at the other end of the spectrum two 90 years old going out for their weekly 9 holes as a chance to get out of the house.