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Looking to Increase Membership Revenue in 2020?

Cardiff Golf Club
Launched their flexible membership category last winter, experienced great success with their membership uptake.

Looking to Increase Membership Revenue for 2020?

Being in the midst of the cold weathered period, the UK is often hit with a few feet of snow or even a month’s rain falls in a 24-hour period. The eternal question facing golf clubs during this time is, how can they attract new members to their club. It’s a complicated and multi-faceted subject, but perhaps the answer is simpler than you once thought, no not a discounted winter membership category, but in fact a flexible membership category.

Think about it, what would an increase in membership, not only over the next 3-4 months, but 12 months mean to your club? There are major benefits to this membership category once launched including, encouraging members to remain at the club throughout the year, not just for the 3-4 months of winter. In addition to this the cost of your membership doesn’t have to drop and if members run out of points, it is the perfect reason to upgrade to a full membership at your club; in fact we are seeing 8% of flexible members upgrade to full club membership at our partner clubs. This often works out to be £15,000+ per year.

Many golfers do purchase a discounted winter membership but find they don’t utilise the membership as much as they would like, making the customer unlikely to renew.  With the flexible membership category if they do not use points in the winter, they still have the option of playing in the summer months but paying a higher point premium to use these when demand for tee times are high. This means move value for the golfer and the club.

Winter membership gives golfers the opportunity to play lots of golf at a cheap price, whereas, a flexible membership category ensures the club receive the revenue they require per round. 83% of flexible members renew, whereas most ‘winter’ members won’t renew due to the price hike come renewal. Here at PlayMoreGolf we believe this is the best option, driving sales through a flexible membership category whilst appealing with lower costs for the golfer to play. Use our profit calculator to discover the revenue opportunities for your club.

If set up correctly, flexible golf memberships should be the most lucrative type of golf available at your club. Given the cost-effectiveness of the PlayMoreGolf membership, as well as the fact members can be flexible with where they spend their points, you might believe there’s little value in your club getting involved. In reality, our partner clubs are seeing 4x the yield per round vs a full member and 1.5-2x the yield of their average green fee. Plus, we don’t dictate or control any aspect of your club or offerings; leaving you to decide everything (with our help and support of course…). You may also think that joining PlayMoreGolf as a partner means you give away a portion of control over your club. Each of our partner clubs operates their flexible golf membership category slightly differently and each club chooses all the parameters around their membership. We now allow our partner golf clubs to choose the starting price of their flexible membership category; yes the price of £325 is now flexible too! Many of our newest partner clubs have launched their flexible golf membership category at £390, £455, or £650 – the choice is yours.

Learn why over 200+ golf clubs have chosen PlayMoreGolf to launch their flexible membership category and download our handy guide on everything you need to know.

Once partner club in Wales, who launched their flexible membership category last winter, experienced great success with their membership uptake. Discover their success below:

Cardiff Golf Club, South Wales

  • Total enquiries – 467
  • Total new flexible members – 76
  • Total revenue generated – £15,891
  • Yield per round received by a flexible member – £49

To find out how a partnership with PlayMoreGolf could benefit your golf club, please contact Marcus Weatherburn, our Club Acquisition Manager, on or 07947 767521. Alternatively, visit our Club Partnership page here.

Many thanks, Team #PlayMoreGolf