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Lucy’s life changed by picking up a golf club

Lucy’s life changed by picking up a golf club

The unexpected chance to pick up a golf club changed Lucy McIntosh’s life, going from taking part in a surprise session to taking charge as a teaching professional.

She has progressed from that New2Golf session to taking charge of New2Golf programmes, as she is about to enter her second-year training to become a PGA professional at North Wales Golf Club.

Lucy McIntosh has no family background in the sport but caught the golf bug after that first session, and her progress shows a career in golf can be for anyone.

“My story just shows that you can get into golf from any background.” said 21-year-old Lucy McIntosh.

“When I was 16, I went to see one of my friends, and her mum took us to a golf session, I did not know anything about it beforehand, I did not know we were going to golf and did not really know anything about golf either.

“Robin Hughes and Tom Bowen were taking the session in North Wales Golf Club. I was dreadfully shy and would not say a word to anyone, but everyone was so friendly, so I had a go, it was great fun, and the bug struck from there.

“Picking up that club brought out my confidence, so much that it made me a new person.

“I started to practice every day and got my handicap down – eventually to a level where I could think of a career in golf.

“That shy girl became junior captain and started helping during the junior and New2Golf sessions which started my love of teaching, because I knew how much it had changed me.

“Then, when I turned 18 and started thinking about careers, I was not sure what to do. Everyone knew I loved volunteering doing the coaching, everyone was so supportive it went from there. Richard Bradbury, the head pro at North Wales Golf Club, gave me the opportunity to start my PGA training.

“Doing the weekly girl’s group sessions through New2Golf has been wonderful. Taking the girls through the programme has allowed them to gain a handicap through weekly sessions on the course.

“This has really boosted their confidence by getting them on the course and giving them something to focus on. This has led to the girls getting on the county squad. The girls have really bonded together and formed a great friendship, and they all support one another.

“It is particularly nice to see the younger ones coming through, seeing the juniors getting handicaps.

“Being able to do the new2golf scheme has been rewarding as it is where I started my career.

“I can now relate this in my sessions with the adults and children by telling them where I began; with practice, patience, and confidence, anything is possible when starting out playing golf

“Because I am still young and it is not long since I started myself, I understand their shyness and it is nice to put that in perspective for them.”

Most people involved in golf careers were introduced to the sport by a family member and usually have strong family backgrounds in golf. Lucy McIntosh shows there are other routes.

“Usually parents get their kids into golf, but I am the other way round,” she laughed. “I got my mam to start playing and now she is out on the course regularly while my dad plays when he can as well. Mam got into it when taking me on a junior trip to Celtic Manor and mixing with the other parents from the golf club.

“We have a great support network at North Wales, it is such a friendly environment.

It may have been complete chance that Lucy McIntosh first got the chance to pick up a golf club, it changed her life and could be an example for others as well.