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New World Handicap System starts in Wales

The new World Handicap System comes into operation in Wales today (November 2), with plenty of work behind the scenes by Wales Golf and clubs to make it a success.

The real beginning will be on Monday, November 9th, when Wales comes out of the Firebreak because of Coronavirus, but that work continues to go on behind the scenes.

For a generic overview of the WHS Changes see here:

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“In the past few months Wales Golf have run seven roadshows, showcasing the changes to our handicapping system as we switch over to World Handicap System (WHS) on the 2nd November 2020,” explained Wales Golf Handicapping and Club Services Manager Sandy Veale.

“We ran through the key points of the new rules of handicapping to allow club committees time to plan for the launch.

“We will also went through the key technological developments that will hopefully make viewing and maintaining a players handicap easier than ever as well as creating new opportunities for golfers to interact and socialise through the technology.

“There are also key features of the new system that will hopefully enhance how Wales Golf and affiliate clubs are able to interact, communicate and maintain the handicaps of golfers.

“Wales Golf are excited about the introduction of the new modern and inclusive approach to handicapping, helping to attract new players and greater opportunity to those currently playing the game of golf.

Golfers in Wales will be able to use the new  Player Portal on where they will have the opportunity to opt in to receive news updates from Wales Golf.