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Pick ’n’ Mix Golf

Wales Golf has launched its 2018 New2Golf, Back2Golf scheme today (March 8) which aims to promote golf to women and girls, families and those with disabilities specifically, highlighting how the game can be tailored to individual needs.

2018 sees the introduction of Tailored Golf, a pick ’n’ mix opportunity for groups not as highly represented in the sport who will be given exciting incentives to give-golf-a-go or get back into the sport again, tailoring the game to their specific needs and choices. Encouraging people into the sport through its flexibility, finding what form of the game fits into their lifestyle.

Whilst traditionally people have been encouraged to participate in the 18 hole format of the game, more recently alternative access to the game has been offered by many clubs which has opened up the sport to a wider demographic. Recent statistics- gathered by Wales Golf from 75% of clubs across Wales- report that 20% of social memberships at clubs is female, 21% of short term trial memberships are female and 37% of junior academy members are girls, whilst across the board 9 hole scores have increased by 3470 between 2016 and 2017-Some really encouraging statistics.

Golf Clubs across Wales will be offering unique taster sessions for groups that aren’t as heavily represented currently, to expose them to the opportunities available to play the game for a lifetime.

Women and girls will be encouraged to go along to their local participating club with ‘the girls’ to enjoy the social element of the sport while receiving free taster sessions and low cost group fun lessons. Encouraging Women and girls to utilise their local golf club to catch up with friends and meet new people.

The sport provides a relaxed way of having fun with family or friends, meeting new people and keeping physically active in the fresh air, whatever your age, background or ability.

Wales Golf Director of Development Hannah McAllister is encouraged with the shift in thinking, “Many of our clubs across Wales are being really creative with encouraging new people to the game that has so much to offer. Golf is no longer a four hour commitment as it has been traditionally”.

“There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of the game, be it 9 hole golf or just attending the driving range, it’s very flexible and can be tailored to individual requirements and is so rewarding, she added.

“We recognise that women specifically have not been represented enough at clubs and progress has been slow at some clubs in creating an environment that is welcoming to women and an equal playing field for both genders but clubs are working hard to address this and we are seeing lots of progress.

“There are more females participating in golf development activities year on year with over 50% of New2Golf participants being female. What we are seeing is an increase in alternative access to the game and flexible membership options with many women taking advantage of 9 hole golf, said McAllister.

“Allowing that flexibility is opening up the game to a wider audience, both male and female and this Tailored Golf new2golf scheme is an ideal way to showcase the benefits of the game”.

To find a scheme near you please visit the link below. Participating clubs will be added in the run up to April and throughout the year or to register your interest in beginner sessions individually or as a group please contact

To learn more about the Wales Golf New2Golf Back2Golf benefit pack please visit