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Are you looking to increase membership revenue at your golf club?

If so, have a look at PlayMoreGolf; the latest business to join Wales Golf’s Preferred Partner network.

PlayMoreGolf now support over 275 golf clubs across the UK. Each club has chosen PlayMoreGolf to launch, manage, operate and market their flexible membership category; with the main aim of attracting the infrequent golfer back into club membership. Across the UK, there are over 1.4million golfers who are playing at least twice a month, and who haven’t joined a golf club. Tapping into this huge market could offer some really quick wins to your club.

Take Cardiff Golf Club for example… in their first 16 months of partnership, Cardiff Golf Club have joined 134 new flexible members. Incredibly, 72% of the golf played by their flexible members has been after 1pm too!

Golf clubs use the PlayMoreGolf  proven platform to build their own flexible points-based membership category without having the concern of the endless administration or cost of marketing. Plus, the golf club gets to set their own parameters, meaning each club in is complete control.

Once the club have built their bespoke category, PlayMoreGolf  then deliver marketing activity to generate the golf club with new membership enquiries each month. The average partner club will receive between 25 and 40 enquiries each month. The PlayMoreGolf  network links clubs across the UK as a flexible membership allows the golfer to play on all of the courses affiliated to the scheme. 80% of a golfers points are to be used at their nominated home club; whereas the other 20% can be used across the entire network. With over 275 golf courses in the network (growing by around 10 new clubs per month), the benefits of joining for a golfer are obvious!

You can click here to see a map of all the ‘live’ clubs who have partnered with PlayMoreGolf.

What does an average flexible member look like?

  • Average age of 48 (17 years younger than a traditional golf member)
  • Average member plays 8-10 rounds per year
  • Average member plays 65% of their golf after 1pm
  • Average member only uses 50-55% of their points during each year
  • Average member renews their membership 80% of their time
  • 8% of the time a PlayMoreGolf member upgrades to ‘Full Membership’ at the club

If you would like to find out more about how PlayMoreGolf can help your golf club, you can get in touch with the team using the below details:

  • Click here to visit the PlayMoreGolf partner website

As part of our agreement with PlayMoreGolf, all affiliated clubs receive a 30% partnership discount PLUS a 100% profit guarantee.