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Promoting your Club

Becoming visible in the community can ensure a constant flow of members

Promoting your club in the community and beyond is a great way to ensure you recruit new members and visitors.

Mass Audience Events and Festivals

Wales Golf supports and encourages golf clubs and organisations to become highly visible in the local community. A great way to promote the golf activities at the club is to attend a local event such as a fete, summer festival, sports day or even a shopping centre.

Equipment and Inflatable nets available to loan Free!

Wales Golf has equipment and inflatable driving nets that organisations such as local authorities and golf clubs can hire free of charge. Why not promote your New2Golf scheme this year at a local event? For further information or to hire equipment please contact us or email is an image of our inflatable nets.

New2Golf Back2Golf Month – National Promotional Campaign

New2Golf Back2Golf Month is a national promotional campaign funded by the R & A. It focuses on recruiting new people to the sport, promoting golf as an inclusive sport and providing opportunities to anyone wanting to try the sport and potentially take up the sport for life.

Wales Golf is calling all clubs to run fun, introductory beginner golf schemes (funded Wales Golf) during New2Golf month and beyond. Every participant that takes part in a scheme will also become a Wales Golf ‘New2Golf’ member. The membership scheme will give added benefits for the participant to ease the transition to full membership and to get more participants hooked on golf for life. It also has many added benefits to the club.

All clubs participating will support and encourage individuals from their initial taste of golf right through to club membership and beyond and New2Golf Back2Golf month will ensure we communicate this to the masses.

Please see find a beginner session page of this website for participating clubs.

Promotional resources

Promotional resources are available for clubs to use free of charge to promote beginner sessions and open days. There are a variety of posters to choose from depending on the target market, such as juniors. These are available in a hard copy format as well as an editable email version which can be downloaded below.

These are also available in welsh.

To get involved contact the contact the Development team.

  • Family Promotional Campaign - English
  • Family Promotional (social) Campaign - Welsh
  • Female Promotional (social) Campaign - English
  • Female Promotional Campaign - Welsh
  • Females Promotional Campaign - English
  • Females Promotional Campaign - Welsh
  • Health Promotional Campaign - English
  • Health Promotional Campaign - Welsh
  • Junior Promotional Campaign - Welsh
  • Junior Promotional Campaign - English
  • Golf for All Campaign
  • Gareth Bale - Love Wales Love Football Love Golf - English
  • Gareth Bale - Love Wales Love Football Love Golf - Welsh