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Respect in Golf Movement

Respect in Golf Movement

We are proud to be a supporter of the Respect in Golf movement. Respect in Golf is a movement to inspire, promote and create greater understanding and embracement of equality, diversity and inclusion within the sport.

Wales Golf passionately believes that golf belongs to everyone.

All who play. And all who aspire to play. 


Why We Support Respect in Golf

We understand the impact that golf can have on individuals and communities. By supporting Respect in Golf, we aim to:

  • Inspire Change: We believe in the power of golf to inspire positive change, both on and off the fairways.
  • Create Inclusive Spaces: Golf should be a sport that welcomes all, fostering an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and encouraged to participate.
  • Build Stronger Communities: Respect in Golf strengthens the bonds within the golfing community, creating a more connected and harmonious golfing world.


Together, let’s make golf a sport that truly respects and welcomes all.