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Role of junior organiser and support

Without the enthusiasm and dedication of junior organisers, the game would not be where it is today.

Since the junior section plays such an important role in the future of the golf club, it follows that the junior organiser is one of the key and important members of the club.

The junior organiser is vital for the smooth running of the junior section, although it is advisable that he or she has assistants, they are the ultimate co-ordinator of the activities within the section. Although a difficult role, it can be the most rewarding.

Anyone can be a junior organiser, however, they do need to be able to communicate with children, have a sense of fun and possess good organisation skills. Just as importantly, they also need the support of the main committee.

We provide schemes, resources and educational courses for junior organisers as well as support through our Golf Development Team.

The Junior Golf Guide is a dedicated resource for Junior Organiser which acts as a general guide and also assists clubs and junior organisers in achieving the Junior Club Accreditation.

To download the role of the junior organiser click here. Further information is contained in the club services section. Please contact us we are here to help.