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Skills challenge

National Challenges for your club sessions

The Golf Skills Cymru, National Skills Challenge has been developed for golfers of all ages and abilities from European Tour Professionals to the complete beginner. It has been designed to be challenging, but above all it is intended to be fun.

It can be incorporated into both existing and new coaching structures available at clubs and that clubs organise annual Golf Skills Cymru events to broaden their fun/social competitive calendar.

There is also a dedicated website with further information and downloadable resources. On registration your organisation will receive a password for the password operated section.

Here is an example of a skills card from the pack

Skills Challenge

Golf Skills Cymru is the perfect resource to assist both golf clubs and golf facilities
in reaching new audiences and creating a new approach to member recruitment.
Elements of the Skills Challenge can be completed anywhere and it is a great
accompaniment to any structured coaching activity such as junior club sessions,
community outreach projects, secondary school 5×60 initiatives and WalesGolf.

Additionally Golf Skills Cymru can be used to assist golf clubs in the retention of
members by providing them with the tools to organise a fun social event for members
utilising the challenges.

The skills have been identified as being the 4 core skills areas of the sport namely Long Game/ Short Game / Recovery and Putting. Golf Skills Cymru can also be used as a practice planner for individuals and can significantly improve a players performance and enjoyment of the sport.

The 3 Skill Challenges which make up each core skill have been designed in such a way that beginners can compete fairly against competent golfers. Some of the challenges create a ‘risk and reward’ scenario which encourages participants to weigh up their options and maximise the points in relation to their own ability. Above all the challenges have been designed to be fun, whether practicing on ones own or in an organised Skills Challenge, enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment will be experienced
by all.

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