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Steps Challenge – October

Steps Challenge – October

  • Following the success of our Summer Junior Steps Challenge, Wales Golf is running a second, virtual competition encouraging club members to complete the ‘most rounds’ played during the month of October 2023.

This Steps challenge is open to ALL members of the golf club, with Male, Female and Junior Prizes to be won. 

All handicap qualifying scores recorded including General Play and Competition will be assigned a number of steps (9 holes = 5,000 steps) or (18 holes =10,000 steps).

Golf clubs are encouraged to run fun competitions, or get members to submit handicap qualifying scores during the month to inspire golfers to get out onto the course and keep playing ahead of the Winter Months. 

Please note: For rounds to be registered for the Step Challenge they must be part of your club’s membership database on the WHS Clubhouse system so that their cards can be counted  

A few useful reminders 

  • A player can be added to the WHS Clubhouse system before they have a handicap.  
  • Your players can use the Wales Golf app to submit general play scores before OR after they have got their first handicap. For those without a handicap, once they have submitted three cards, they will then gain their first handicap.  

For more info on the app click here

  • Please make sure you input an accurate DOB for your junior members as this is the method through which the system recognises them as a junior.  
  • If a club has members who join or leave your club or are secondary members with you, please make sure your membership database reflects this accurately. 

Final Leaderboard

Terms and Conditions

The Steps challenge is designed to keep club members playing more golf throughout the month of October.  Following on from The R&A and Wales Golf’s “Golf is good” campaign pilot, health and well-being are the driving force behind this challenge.  Golfers will be encouraged to submit their scores through Club competitions or general play scores.

  • 9 hole round = 5000 steps
  • 18 hole round = 10000 steps


How to enter 

Players will automatically be entered into this virtual competition



Prizes have been provided by PING.

Prizes will be awarded to the following top 3 players in each category:

  1. Male
  2. Female
  3. Junior


Competitions rules 

  1. All competitions / General play scores must be in accordance with The R&A rules of golf.
  2. Each round submitted must consist of either 9 or 18 holes.  The conversion into steps will be carried out using the metric below by Wales Golf Development Team
  3. Can be played on any course providing the card is submitted, via WG App, or an organised club or junior competition



  1. Players must be a member of a Wales Golf Affiliated Club
  2. Every participant must be registered on the Wales Golf Clubhouse system


How to report scores 

  1. Club competitions or general play scores will count towards the final total number of rounds for the month.
  2. 9/18-hole general play scores can be entered through the Wales Golf App throughout the month of October to count towards the total number of rounds.
  3. All scores entered must be from official club course-rated tees