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Sustainability Grant Funding and Support

Grant Funding

Sustainability Grant Funding and Support

Our biggest priority is to help our clubs become more sustainable, efficient and popular – helping future proof them and their communities.  To that end here are some of the ways we are supporting and promoting your leadership!

Sustainability Kickstarter Fund

The Kickstarter Fund is now closed. 18 Clubs from across Wales were successful in securing funding for sustainability projects.

Sustainability Accelerator Grant 

Thanks to the Welsh Government and facilitated through Sport Wales, we are able to provide a limited number of grants to help accelerate and showcase a range of sustainability priorities in golf facilities across the country.

Grants of £500-£5,000

Wales Golf is looking for clubs to be innovative in their approach to the subject and seek applications for projects which contribute positively towards one or more of the 3 key project areas.

Below is not a definitive list, and individual requirements should be considered. Applications can also consist of more than one funded area:

1. Fostering Nature-

Habitat management / Pest or disease control / Renovation projects / Restoration and naturalization / Site protection / Species conservation / Sustainable drainage / Sustainable turf management

2. Resource Efficiency & Reduce Emissions –

Energy efficiency / Green transport / Renewable energy / Responsible purchasing / Reuse and recycling / Waste and material reduction / water efficiency / Water sourcing / Measure & reduce current impacts of carbon emissions.

3 Strengthening Communities

Access and multi-use of club facilities / Community engagement / Diversity and inclusion / Education and volunteering / Golfer engagement / Health and Wellbeing / Partnerships / Staff engagement / Serving not only the community of golfers but the whole community in which the club sits.

Please ensure that you have read the Club Guidance Document which includes the Terms and Conditions prior to completing the application. A sample application form is also via the download section below, but please ensure that you submit your club’s application electronically.



To support Welsh Golf Clubs, Wales Golf working alongside the GEO Foundation have developed OnCourseWales®.

It is completely free to access for all Wales Golf affiliated golf clubs.

It has been designed and developed to ensure ease of use, using an online application that has been custom-built to help golf course and club managers, committees and staff teams to integrate sustainability across operations – generating new business opportunities, and quickly establishing the facility as a leader in their local communities.

Using OnCourseWales® will enable Clubs to:

  • Review and evaluate current performance against industry best practices
  • Gain new ideas and identify opportunities to enhance the course, save resources and money, and generate new publicity
  • Gather and track key data and trends
  • Create and promote your highlights for nature, resource and community
  • Gather all information needed to apply for the optional GEO Certified® label

Once registered with OnCourse, please ensure that you select WALES within your facility profile.

Get involved & Join OnCourseWales here

We will be running a range of workshops and seminars to help educate club and course managers and other key people involved in golf in Wales.  Watch out for news and information on events as it is published.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Date Time Sign Up
The Kickstarter Sustainability Fund Information WOrkship TBC TBC
OnCourse® Wales Introductory Workshop TBC TBC

G.E.O. Certification

Celebrate your environmental stewardship, climate action and community value!

GEO Certified is a comprehensive modern certification, developed to the highest credibility standard, to help golf facilities, developments and tournaments demonstrate and be recognised for their environmental and social responsibility.

The widely regarded international ecolabel, administered by the not-for-profit GEO Certification Ltd., is fully Code Compliant with the ISEAL Alliance Codes of Good Practice and has been developed over years with broad stakeholder involvement.

The GEO Certified label can be achieved following successful completion of the OnCourse programmes for golf facility operations accessed via OnCourse® Wales

Certification is designed to be widely accessible, underpinned by an achievable Standard in the first instance, on a journey of ongoing commitment and continual improvement.


Advantages of achieving GEO Certification

Advantages for a golf facility can include golfer and staff pride, support and eligibility for grants and funding, marketing opportunities, community and government relations, creating a sustainable identity and helping embed golf as a sustainable and environmentally responsible sport.


For further information visit –

Sustainable Golf | Courses | Developments | Tournaments | GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf


Wales Golf hopes to celebrate and communicate the great work being done at golf courses across the Nation. Highlights and stories will be gathered and promoted, with the aim of celebrating successes across our sport and within the sporting sector in Wales and beyond.

An award to a Sustainability Project will also become incorporated into the Wales Golf Club of the Year annual Awards. It will be awarded to a club that can demonstrate considerable efforts to address sustainability under any of the four or all of the key areas.

  • Fostering Nature
  • Conserving Resources
  • Taking Climate Action
  • Strengthening Communities


Further information will be shared with clubs as part of the annual awards process towards the end of the year.

Let’s celebrate sustainable golf in Wales

Reflecting on the issues, Celebrating leadership, Renewing commitments.

Sustainable Golf Day is a time for people across golf to come together and join in their appreciation of the environmental and social challenges the world faces, to celebrate action, and to strengthen commitments to the future.

A time to champion the leaders. A time to consider what we can all do next.


Every year, on the 18th of September, GEO will invite anyone with a story to tell, a highlight to promote, a perspective to share or a challenge to spotlight – to use the day to get that message out more strongly across golf, and beyond golf.

Watch the video to hear the thoughts of just some of the people and organisations accelerating sustainability in and through golf.


  • Accelerator Grant - Club Guidance
  • Accelerator Grant - Sample Application Form