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Sustainability – Playing our Part

Advancing sustainability and climate action in and through golf in Wales

Sustainability – Playing our part

Golf in Wales has a tremendous opportunity, and responsibility, to be at the forefront of sustainability and climate action

Wales Golf is expressing a strengthened commitment and plan – to lead, support and promote meaningful efforts across the sport

Working collaboratively across Wales and beyond, to take the most effective approach and provide the best programmes and solutions

It matters to us, to golf and to society

We’re at a critical point in time for all parts of business, government and society to come together to evolve, innovate and adapt. To realise a more sustainable way of living, working, operating and playing.

Climate change, loss of habitats and biodiversity, concerns over pollution, water and air quality, are all driving an important local to global movement.

The United Nations have described this as the Decade of Action.  A time when all individuals, businesses, landowners and land managers need to do what they can, to play their part in a collective movement that will define all our futures

Our strategy covers the key environmental and social issues that are most relevant and related to the sport of golf with a comprehensive yet focused outlook.

Foster Nature Strengthen Communities
Protect and enhance ecosystems

Conserve biodiversity and key species

Avoid pollution

Provide health and wellbeing

Deliver education, outreach and multipliers

Influence behaviour, change perceptions and support the communities which we serve

Conserve Resources Take Climate Action
Water – sourcing, efficiencies, watersheds

Energy – cleaner sources and efficiency

Materials – selection, reuse, recycling

Measure emissions

Reduce emissions

Increase carbon storage

Budgeting for compliance


Low carbon facilities, managing nature-rich landscapes that deliver significant net positive impact for the Welsh people and the environment. 

Our Approach

We are seeking to implement simple and effective steps to turn our commitment into actions and results.

Lead by Example 

Integrating into a long term strategy; building capacity and collaborations; calculating and addressing association emissions.

Engage and Support Clubs 

Raising awareness; helping clubs and courses fully integrate into operations.

Measure & Monitor Impact

Consistently gathering local and national indicators; evaluation for industry analysis and target setting and reporting.

Celebrate and Communicate 

Presenting awards and certifications; gathering and promoting highlights and stories; celebrating successes across golf; sharing innovations across the public.


Key Sustainability Partners

We’re setting out with important partners in golf and sustainability to move this strategy forward. As we progress, we will actively seek to engage others.


GEO Foundation

GEO is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing sustainability in and through golf.  Providing strategic expertise, plus comprehensive programs for facilities and tournaments, including sustainability and carbon tracking, and third-party verified certification.

The R&A

International governing body for the rules of golf, with expertise in Sustainable Agronomy, and Golf Course 2030 research and development program for sustainability.


With additional thanks to Welsh Government and Sport Wales 



It matters to us, to golf and to society

“We are delighted to support this important step by Wales Golf to further improve the environmental performance of our wonderful golf courses which already do so much to provide vital leisure spaces, attract visitors and increase sport participation.

“Golf recognises that it has responsibility for the sensitive management of critical natural resources and stewardship of ecological hot spots and fantastic green spaces and we are pleased to able to support this important work and their on-going collaboration with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf.

“As we prepare to host both the Senior Open Championship (2023) and the Womens’ British Open (2025) here in Wales, it is vital that we stand prepared for the very latest developments in responsible golf management.”

Dawn Bowden MS, Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport


Golf and Climate Action – The Pathway to Net Zero – YouTube

A short video by our Project Partners, The GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf