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Three and four balls can resume on 26 April, a week earlier than previously announced.

The Welsh Government announced yesterday evening (8 April) that organised outdoor activities for up to 30 people can take place from Monday 26 April (previously scheduled for Monday 3 May).

As a result, three and four balls made up from multiple households can also resume on that date. Organised outdoor group coaching (for adults) of up to 30 can also resume at this time.

From Monday 3 May, also a week earlier than previously signalled, indoor sports facilities will be able to reopen for individual or one-to-one training. Therefore indoor one-to-one coaching should be able to resume from this date.

In preparation clubs, must ensure they follow the organised activities guidance and the latest version of our club guidance. These can be found here, along with other useful resources.

These and further easements to restrictions in the coming weeks will be subject to the public health situation remaining favourable, which will be confirmed at the next three-weekly review of the coronavirus regulations on 22 April.

Here is a summary of the easements announced:

On Monday 26 April:    
  • Outdoor attractions, including funfairs and theme parks, would be allowed to reopen
  • Outdoor hospitality can resume, including at cafes, pubs and restaurants. Indoor hospitality will remain closed except for takeaways
  • Organised outdoor activities for up to 30 people can again take place (previously Monday 3 May)
  • Weddings receptions can take place outdoors for up to 30 people (previously Monday 3 May)
On Monday 3 May (previously Monday 10 May):
  • Gyms, leisure centres and fitness facilities can reopen. This will include individual or one-to-one training but not exercise classes
  • Extended household will again allow two households to meet and have contact indoors

Full Welsh Government statement can be found here.

Please note: The Welsh Government have stressed that all given dates are provisional and subject to the public health conditions at the time.