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StreetGames & Equipment

Modified equipment that can be used to play golf anywhere


StreetGames, a national sport and anti-poverty charity, working to provide equal opportunities for young people living in Wales’ most deprived communities access to sport/ physical activity, alongside a diverse and skilled network of national organisations engage around 15,000 young people each year through their Doorstep Sport concept – Sport provision delivered at the right time, in the right place, in the right style, by the right people, and at the right price.

Wales Golf and StreetGames formed a partnership in 2015 to provide young people from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to play golf. The StreetGolf concept was formed and mobilised across the StreetGames network and was well received. With around 70 Doorstep Sport Clubs operating across Wales, working with StreetGames is a great opportunity for clubs to engage a new audience and to provide young people who do not already play golf with a new experience.

For more information on the work of StreetGames visit their website:

Benefits to working with StreetGames:

  • Sector leading insight and understanding of young people living in deprived communities
  • Youth and insight led Training Academy workshops to support engagement with this audience
  • Robust learning taken from 2 years of delivering a Women and Girls programme targeting inactive and semi-active young females
  • Engagement with local community groups delivering Doorstep Sport
  • Support groups to diversify and adapt their offer to engage young people living in deprivation


Tri- Golf

Tri-Golf is a ‘mini’ version of golf for primary schools, which involves the use of adapted equipment and a variety of games designed to provide an enjoyable introduction to the sport. The equipment is designed to be safe and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The clubheads are colour-coded in line with the games and activity cards which are also provided to give ideas to the volunteers who run the Tri-Golf sessions.

The equipment can be ordered via Davies Sports at

Training on how to organise safe and enjoyable golf sessions using tri-golf is provided by the WalesGolf team. It is a 2 hour course and volunteers need not be golfers themselves. Please contact us via the contact us page for more details.

Street Golf Equipment

Street Golf equipment is an adapted, fun, easy to use, exciting version of the golf game and is all designed with the 11 to 15 year old in mind. It is equipment that can be used most places.


It combines some of the best parts of the traditional sport – hitting balls a long way at interesting targets – with scoring systems you can create yourself, team games which include everyone and keep you fit, and, important safety considerations for both teachers and pupils.Street Golf will excite teenagers, lay the foundations of a good golf game, and keep him/her active and enthused.

Please contact us via the contact us page for more details and visit the Davis Sport Website to purchase the equipment.


Training to use this equipment is available by contacting your development officer.

Games and exercises can be found on the WalesGolf Junior Golf Guide website in the Exercises and Games section.