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Wales Golf Festival

Wales Golf Festival

A celebration of inclusive and competitive golf is being launched in June 2020. The inaugural Wales Golf Festival will take place on the 19th – 21st June at Parc Golf Club, Newport and will comprise of 5 different events open for new, junior and disabled golfers.

The Festival will kick off on the morning of Friday 19th with an event for golfers with disabilities. Open to men and women of affiliated clubs and schemes of Wales Golf, players can compete up to a maximum of 18 holes. Players both with and without official handicaps are welcome in what will be a celebration of inclusivity within the sport.

On the evening of the 19th Parc Golf Club will play host to a South Wales Summer Swing event; open to all players who have took part in the New2Golf scheme in the past three years. This will take the form of a “flag” competition run over a shorter course, where players will get as far round the course as they can with a set number of strokes at their disposal

Day 2 of the festival will kick off with a mixed gender medal trialling the new World Handicap System. Set to become a club run legacy event from the Curtis Cup and Ladies British Open, this event will be for Parc Golf Club Members in 2020 and offer a first-hand look into the future of Handicap Competition. Later on the 20th will be a Golf Sixes Cup style event with an introduction into the format for adult players for Wales. Clubs who have expressed interest in the Golf Sixes League will be invited to enter this fully mixed gender and adult/junior team event

The Festival will be concluded on the final day with Event 4 of the Ping Welsh Junior Tour. Now set for its fifth season, the now established and increasing popular tour will offer a fitting end to the Festival.

“The launch of the Wales Golf Festival is a very exciting addition to our Championship and Events schedule. A huge amount of work goes into helping people of all circumstances get into our sport and this will surely prove to be a great celebration of this” Director of Development Hannah McAllister.

“Parc Golf Club are such wonderful supporters of Wales Golf and the schemes we promote so it is so fitting that the launch of this event will be at this perfect venue.”

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