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#WalesBack2Golf Campaign

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Wales Back2Golf Campaign

Launch Date 8th June 2020

Wales Golf launch ‘Wales Back2Golf’ Campaign with the aim to increase awareness and attract a new audience to the sport. Wales Golf will be targeting specific audiences across Social Media, and the following social media campaign will be rolled out across the Wales Golf platforms along with the hashtag #WalesBack2Golf.

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Our target audience:

  • Potential New Golfers who may have tried Golf at Home during lockdown
  • Those who are unable to play their usual sport due to COVID-19
  • Ex-New2Golf and lapsed golfers
  • Nomadic Golfers who may look to take the sport up full time as restrictions on indoor/contact sports exist
  • Families and Households
  • All Golfers across Wales

The themes for our campaigns are:

  • Mental Health
    • Your New Outdoor Gym
    • Enjoyed Walking? Try Golfing
  • Daily Exercise
    • Golf Is Back!
    • Why walk when you can play golf.
  • Family/Household Golf
    • From Garden to Green
    • Everyone’s Game, Anywhere

Please download the imagery below for your clubs use on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WalesBack2Golf. 

If you would like a high resolution image, please contact who will send you all relevant files.