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How can Waterwise help me?

Waterwise focus specifically on water efficiency which means they engage with promoting water efficiency at all levels; from corporate boardrooms, community meetings to government offices and are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK and Europe.

Water fittings in commercial multi-occupancy buildings often experience more frequent use than in dwellings, which means that payback times following investment can be excellent. Investment in water recycling schemes is also more viable in business settings than domestic settings. In commercial situations, major cost savings can be gained through installation of urinal controls or waterless urinals, efficient flush toilets and automatic or sensor taps.

As well as helping to reduce costs, decreasing water consumption can help your business comply with current and future environmental legislation, reduce its carbon footprint, improve your company’s environmental performance and generate positive PR.

Water Efficiency Audits

Waterwise is able to help you work out how much water your business uses and draw up an action plan to help cut costs.

Product Development 

Waterwise have been involved with idea generation, product design and market research for companies such as; Kohler Mira, Ecoplay, Gabi H0 and ecoBETA. Suggestions for product development and operations are always welcomed.


Waterwise can work in a multitude of areas including; media work, technical research, behavioural norms and awareness raising. The depth of knowledge and experience ensures we are using the right methods to have the most powerful effect on behaviours.

Presentations and Events

Waterwise speaks at and co-develops water efficiency related events on a regular basis and would be happy to arrange seminars and workshops with the golf sector.

In addition to cost-savings from decreased water and energy bills, businesses investing in technologies and products that encourage sustainable water use may be eligible for tax savings though Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). The ECA website details the scheme and the Water Technology List.