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WHS – Wales one week on

Following the transition to the World Handicap System on Monday 2nd November, Wales Golf has inevitably received several queries from club members. 

We are pleased to say that on the whole, the launch has been a very successful launch with:

  • 45,000 golfer’s details and scores being uploaded to date
  • 15,000 golfers have successfully logged in to the portal
  • 60% of sign member sign-ups indicating, they wish to receive updates and future relevant communications from Wales Golf

One of the main objectives of the WHS is to improve the integrity and accuracy of the handicapping system. Data migration of this scale was always going to see some issues arise and the majority of the discrepancies encountered during the transition period to date, have been down to the inadequacies of the old system both in terms of data stored and the administration of. We have also experienced some issues with the matching up of historical course details to the new slope and course rating figures and continue to work hard to correct these and ensure transitioned handicap indexes are as accurate as possible. 

The central calculation of handicaps will greatly improve things going forward with fewer moving parts thus providing less opportunity for error whether it be human or technical.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about:

  • Accessing your My Wales Golf Login
  • Finding your CDH number 
  • Verifying your account
  • Amending incorrect email addresses 
  • Missing or incorrect scores on your handicap issue 
  • Scores are matched to incorrect tee sets

Please contact your home club which has been sent all relevant information to help resolve any outstanding issues. 

A series of tutorial videos have been created to help golfers access the new Welsh home of handicapping: 

How to set up your My Wales Golf Account 

How to Use Your ‘My Wales Golf’ Account


Click here for further information around the new WHS system.

Click here to access your My Wales Golf Account.