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Wales Golf Roadshows 2023

Get ready for the exciting upcoming Wales Golf Roadshows, where golf clubs and industry professionals will gather to delve into crucial topics.

These roadshows will provide valuable insights into golf club governance, shedding light on best practices and how to facilitate change at your club.

Attendees can expect to connect with key industry partners, fostering collaboration and innovation within the golfing community.

The roadshows will also provide important education on the latest updates to the World Handicap System, due to go live in 2024 ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Moreover, sustainability will take center stage, emphasising the importance of eco-friendly practices within the golfing world.

Don’t miss out on these informative and engaging events, as they promise to shape the future of golf in Wales.


*Please note that this roadshow will also host the Annual General Meeting of Golf Union of Wales Ltd at 1200 at Conwy Golf Club

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Conwy Golf Club – North Wales

PLUS Wales Golf AGM*

26th October

9.30am – 4.30pm

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An interactive & practical session for volunteers who support the PGA Coach to deliver activity within a golf facility.

About this event

Club Activators Course – Supporting introductory club activity’

The course 

An interactive & practical session for volunteers who support the PGA Coach to deliver activity within a golf facility.

‘Discover your role in enhancing the overall player experience.’

This new Activator Course is a collaboration across all the Home Nations, funded and supported by The R&A and endorsed by the PGA.


What will you get out of attending the course?

• Understanding of a person’s golfing journey and your role in making this a good experience.

• Develop your values when supporting participants to learn the game.

• Support making golf games and activities fun and adaptable.

• Find out about games-based learning and gain practical experience setting up and delivering games and skills sessions.

• Connection to the volunteer golf community


Who is this course for?

If one or more of these statements sounds like you then the course is for you:

• You’re new to helping out with activities for new golfers.

• You would like to get involved with supporting activities.

• You’re a parent or guardian who would like to help out in the right way.

• You’re a young volunteer, junior captain/vice-captain and would like to help your peers enjoy golf.

• You’re an existing volunteer who lacks the confidence to actively support the PGA Coach at your club.

• After attending a Young Leaders or Buddy Workshop, you are looking for the next stage of training.

You don’t need lots of golf knowledge or experience to attend, just a willingness to ‘help out’ at your club.


Course Information

• The course lasts 3 hours and includes classroom-based learning and practical training. All our courses are delivered by a skilled tutor workforce and sessions are designed to be interactive and reflective.

• Delegates receive a certificate of attendance, a workbook and a set of games cards.

• The course is open to everyone 14 years and above. If your club/area would like to run a course for younger people, please get in touch.

• The course will not train you how to deliver technical coaching.

• Please come dressed for the practical element of the course and be ready for inclement weather.

Please note that you are required to pass SafeGolf Accreditation before obtaining this qualification.


This course is supported and funded by the R&A.

Therefore for a limited time, the subsidised course cost is £15 (reduced from £50).

Click here to download the Activator Development Information for Golf Clubs

More information is available from Theo Baker, Coach Education Lead,

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South West Wales Activators Course TBC
South East Wales Activators Course TBC
North Wales Activators Course TBC

This UKCoaching interactive online classroom will help you recognise and respond to concerns a child may be experiencing, or be at risk of experiencing, harm, neglect, or abuse.

You will learn the importance of person-centred care and taking an individualised approach to your coaching practice, that puts the child or young person at the heart of every session.

UK Coaching works in partnership with the NSPCC and CPSU to regularly review and develop the course content and materials to ensure the learning content, guidance and delivery is current.

Cost of Workshop – FUNDING may be available please contact your Development Officer to discuss

Attendees must be 18 years or older

Click here to book an SPC online classroom


Please click here to access the course and find out more. You can choose any one out of the 3 options depending on your personal preference and environment you are delivering.

Training can now be renewed (every 3 years) online if you have previously attended a face to face SPC workshop. Wales Golf will accept the online refresher for funding purposes. The course costs £16.99 and take 1.5 hours to complete. You can enter and leave the course at your convenience and on completion you will receive your certificate via email.

PGA Professionals – 10 CPD Points

GCMA Members – 3 CDP Points


This UKCoaching interactive online classroom will give you an essential understanding of what is required of welfare officers that are responsible for managing and reporting concerns about children, and for putting into place procedures to safeguard children, ensuring that you have the practical knowledge required to take a child-focused approach and excel in the role.

You will also learn about the importance of building relationships and trust with the key people that you’ll be working with, essential to working with colleagues to safeguard children effectively.

Through interactive scenarios featuring people from different sports and activities, you will also practise your decision-making in a safe and supportive environment, enabling you to explore some possible consequences of your decisions. This will help to prepare you to act in similar scenarios as a welfare officer, giving you crucial confidence in your ability to act in each child’s best interest.

Cost of Workshop – FUNDING may be available please contact your Development Officer to discuss

Click here to book a TTL online classroom

Adult Safeguarding Courses (Ann Craft Trust)

An Introduction to Safeguarding Adults in Wales- eLearning 

It is ideal for those who live or work in Wales with adults or where adults are present, from the care sector and charities to sport and activity organisations, this course is the first step to understanding safeguarding adults at risk.

It’s designed for people who are new to safeguarding or working with adults at risk and those looking to assess their safeguarding knowledge. It covers the essential information you need to know relating to safeguarding adults, how to recognise abuse, respond and report appropriately when a concern is raised.

The course consists of two modules. It covers what adult abuse is, how to recognise the signs and how to report a concern. It is interactive and includes video, quizzes, downloads and scenarios to help you understand and learn about keeping people safe.

When you have finished both modules, you will receive a certificate of completion which will be issued in your chosen language.

This course costs £25 per person.

Click here to access the course

Adult Safeguarding Courses (Ann Craft Trust)

Essential Training for Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officers

This session includes how to identify concerns, respond to concerns and disclosures and how to create a safe culture within a sport or activity club setting.

By the end of the course, participants will understand:

  • The role and responsibilities of the Club Welfare Officer
  • Why we need to safeguard adults in sport and activity.
  • How to Identify poor practice and types of abuse and neglect.
  • How to respond and deal with concerns about adults.
  • Where to go for further information and advice on safeguarding adults. 

This is all underpinned by understanding how we can create a safer culture.

For those with no previous safeguarding adults training, we would recommend completing the Introductory Training prior to attending this course.

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Level 1

We currently do not have any Level 1 courses planned but if you would like to register your interest for future courses, please click here: 


The workshop aims to extend delegates’ knowledge and skills when coaching golf to disabled participants. This workshop aims to equip PGA Professionals and volunteers with the knowledge and confidence to support disabled people of all abilities in any coaching environment through an introduction to inclusivity. The workshop also aims to give PGA Professionals and volunteers an opportunity to put theory into practice during the practical coaching session delivered to disabled people as part of the workshop.

Venue Date Time Cost Register
TBC TBC 0900 – 1500 £42 TBC



If you have any queries or questions about the course or bookings please email here or contact



Level 2 Inclusive Coaching

Course Introduction

The aim of this workshop is to extend delegates’ knowledge and skills for coaching golf to disabled participants. Critically, by equipping them with a better understanding of the specifics of visual impairments, hearing impairments, mental health issues, special educational needs and learning disabilities. This workshop also aims to provide PGA Professionals with an opportunity to have technical coaching discussions with their peers, in relation to coaching golf to physically impaired participants, via a video analysis session. It looks to reinforce the inclusive message of the previous workshop (Inclusive Golf Coaching 1), but aims to help coaches provide more inclusive sessions by aiding coaches impairment specific understanding.


Course Objectives

Workshop learning outcomes: By the end of the workshop, delegates will:

  • recognise and share best practice
  • understand more about specific impairments and crucially be able to interpret what this information may mean in a golf coaching context
  • be confident to deliver a more inclusive golf coaching session through their extended impairment specific knowledge
  • understand that every disabled person is an individual and it is critical that their developed impairment specific understanding still allows them to see the person before the disability
  • know where to go for further impairment specific information


Minimum Registration Requirements

Workshop requirements: This workshop can only be accessed by PGA Professionals who have previously attended an Inclusive Golf Coaching 1 workshop. Delegates should ideally be engaged in coaching golf to disabled people.

Venue Date Time Cost Register
TBC TBC 0900 – 1500 £42 Click here





Girls Golf Clinic Venue & Date  Sign Up 
Girls Golf Clinic Pennard Golf Club 10th September Sign up here 

The event is open to all golfers who have been part of the Wales Golf New2Golf schemes since 2020. You do not need a WHS handicap or club membership to compete. This event is designed to be a fun and social golf competition experience; a Welsh International golfer or professional will be hitting your first tee shot to take away the nerves!

All players will play 9 holes on a shortened course using Modified Stableford; 1 shot is 10 points, 2 shots is 9 points and so on until 10 or more shots is 1 point. The winner will be the player with the most points over the 9 holes.

There will be prizes for the winner, runner-up and third place participants.

A maximum of 50 players can enter this event.

We do not currently have any summer swings available