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How can WRAP help me?

WRAP is a not-for-profit charity that works with governments, businesses and citizens to create a world in which we source and use resources sustainably. WRAP are food sustainability, recycling and reuse experts and have free on-line resources and advice to assist the golf industry in saving money by reducing waste.

Of particular interest to the golf industry would be WRAP’s work on food waste prevention, resource efficient facilities management and sustainable events. Through a small scale resource efficiency review, clubs could make significant savings through reduced landfill waste cost reductions. One club in Wales reduced their landfil waste from 70% down to 6%, which led to a £4000 annual saving.

On a larger scale, another club took part in a food waste monitoring trail, which led to a £50,000 + saving and reduced food waste. Further details are given in the Crieff Hydro case study.

The following free resources are available for clubs to access:

Simple Good Practice Templates

There are a range of simple templates that are designed to support the sector in reducing waste, recycling more and saving money. Supporting guidance is also provided on preventing food waste, increasing recycling and hosting sustainable events.

Facilities Management Procurement Toolkit

This toolkit provides information, guidance and templates to assist you with realising cost and material savings by improving the resource efficiency of your FM services. Use the hotspots to explore the toolkit.

“Your business is food, don’t throw it away” (YBIF) is a brand new programme to help food businesses to save money and boost profits by throwing away less food. It aims to support food businesses with simple steps and handy resources to reduce the amount of food thrown away and educate staff and customers.

An outline of the programme is given on the YBIF Introductory Video