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Your Handicap Index – Flexi Club

How do you gain and maintain a WHS Index?

All rounds must be played with a marker/fellow player with a membership number (a member of a golf club affiliated to Wales Golf who is registered on the Wales Golf app or another registered Flexi Club member). This person must be selected as an attestor at the end of the round via the Wales Golf App. Your attestor must verify the score before it can appear in your scoring record.

To gain your first initial Handicap Index© Acceptable Scores must be submitted from 54 holes, made up from either 9 or 18 holes, over any affiliated course in GB&I

All rounds must be pre-registered through the app, this is done by creating a score card

General Play scores must be submitted via the app to be used for handicap purposes. We cannot accept scores from rounds played prior to the start of your subscription 

Geo-location technology is in place to ensure pre-registering the intent to post a score can only be done in close proximity to the course where the round will take place (scorecard submission can however be completed elsewhere). We would recommend filling in your virtual score card, the same way you would fill in a physical card as you play

To ensure the integrity of handicaps, a marker verification process is in placePrevious members of affiliated clubs may be able to transfer their playing history and handicap index providing they have a lifelong membership number (formerly known as CDH number – since 2015) and if the record has scores on the WHS Platform since 1st January 2018. 

Submitting a score at a golf course in Wales

You can do this on the Wales Golf App. All affiliated courses in GB&I should be available on the system and scores from rounds played can be submitted via the app.

(Clubs reserve the right to remove tees from play if they are not set up to the rated course length)

Submitting a score at a golf course outside of GB&I

You cannot use the app outside of GB&I but you can still submit a score for your handicap record by the following simple steps:

  1. Notify us via email at of your intention to play a round of golf. Simply tell us when and where you are playing BEFORE you play. 

  2. Play golf and record your score on a physical scorecard. Make sure it is signed by you and your marker/attestor in accordance with the Rules Of Handicapping and Rules of Golf

  3. Email us a copy of the scorecard and the following information to and we will add it to your record. 

    When submitting score cards, you must provide the following information:

    – Date of Round
    – Country
    – Venue
    – Tee/Marker used
    – Course Rating
    – Slope Rating
    – Par
    – A copy of your scorecard, signed by you marker/ attester
    – Name and membership number of the attester

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